Formation of Plural Nouns & Possessive Adjectives

Formation of Plural Nouns

If a word is masculine singular, change the last letter to an i. If a word is feminine singular, change the last letter to an e if it ends in a, or if it ends in e, change it to an i.

Singular to Plural Nouns













Note: Some nouns ending in -co and -go may or may not insert an h before changing the o to i. There is no general rule for it. All nouns ending in -ca and -ga insert an h before changing the a to e. Nouns ending in an accented vowel do not change for the plural. (la città (city) becomes le città) There are some masculine nouns that end -a, and these nouns change the -a to -i in the plural: il programma, il poeta, il pianete, il pilota, il poema, il sistema. The plural of l'uomo (man) is gli uomini, while the plural of la mano (hand) is le mani.

Possessive Adjectives

Masc. Sing.

Fem. Sing.

Masc. Pl.

Fem. Pl.


il mio

la mia

i miei (myeh-ee)

le mie


il tuo

la tua

i tuoi (twoh-ee)

le tue


il suo

la sua

i suoi (swoh-ee)

le sue


il nostro

la nostra

i nostri

le nostre


il vostro

la vostra

i vostri

le vostre


il loro

la loro

i loro

le loro

Note: You may leave off the il and la before family relation words in the singular. All other times, you must use them. Notice that loro does not change.

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